And the tour ends...

Many of you know how I feel about being on the road. (I love it. I can't get enough.) And this week and a half of sleeping (too many hours) in my own bed and driving fewer than 300 miles a day, has been relaxing, predictable, restorative, and a little boring. I was meant to tour!

Anyway - here's a list of things that I learned or confirmed this tour: (in no particular order)

    • Always do an idiot check. Even if you feel like the idiot because you're checking for all of your stuff one more time - there's a chance that you've left your harmonica on someone's windowsill, and then they'll have to mail it to you down the road!

    • I LOVE the beach. Really. Can't get enough. Clearwater, St. Petersburg, and Charleston were all amazing. I live a mile from the beach when I'm home, and I'm wondering why I never go?

    • Grace Potter and Tina Fey are amazing. I'd like to recommend, 'Bossypants' (the audio book) and, 'This is Somewhere', for your next road trip.

    • I might be the stork. (I was privy to some baby announcements that haven't hit Facebook yet, so stay tuned!)

    • House concerts are my jam. First of all - I know that this is a phrase I should never use, but it's so perfect! Singing in living rooms and telling the stories behind my songs, is exactly how I should perform. It makes the most sense! So get ready, because I'm going to be calling you to sing in your home soon!

    • People judge based on appearance more than you think. My appearance is changeable, so I'm not claiming this as a hardship. I've just noticed, especially on this tour, that you can literally see in someone's eye as they make a snap judgement about you. They're judging my hair, which I can (but won't) easily change…imagine being constantly judged for something like your skin color? I learned a lot from this.

    • I get offered weed all of the time. Again, back to assumptions. Seriously. All of the time.

    • Running isn't that bad. Especially when you get to run in a different town every day!

    • I belong on the road. I love touring, I love seeing friends every night, and I love meeting new folks and seeing new places night after night. This is where I'm supposed to be. And this is a wonderful feeling.

    • The world is ready for the Just Be Nice Party. Really. Folks are ready. They're ready for their representatives to get along and work together. And they're ready for the government we voted for to do its job with commitment and maturity.

    Lastly, when you walk around like you live the best life ever, as a smiley society member, people respond to you. I smile and say 'hello' to anyone I see, and after the initial shock wears off (I don't think many humans expect actual acknowledgement anymore) people are so happy to chat! Just more proof that love wins.

    Thanks for another awesome tour, friends.

    See you soon, Kristen