Why juice?

So these are two tweets that I sent today:

Now, you may be thinking - 'whoa, Kristen, why so pushy?'

I'll tell you why, because we almost got this law passed last spring, but because of politics and according to Gov. Malloy, Monsanto's 'first amendment rights', it didn't happen.

That's right, our governor claimed to protect the first amendment rights of companies.  I'm sorry - I didn't realize that corporations were people...

Anyway…I'm just saying that if I'm going to screw up my health, I want it to be my own fault, not because I thought I was eating one thing and not another.

In other news...I'm on another juice cleanse.  I did one about a year ago, and barely survived it.  So, I thought I was really going to have to gear up for this one.  Surprisingly, I'm loving it!  The juice tastes better to me this time around (which is true, because I'm actually using recipes now…), I feel really clear, and I think my jeans are even a bit loose!

With that, I'm also wondering if, like the first time, I'm loving it because my body is nutrient starved for the rest of the year?

I eat a pretty healthy diet.  I eat a lot of veggies, and actually even like kale, but I also love baked goods.  (Which now, you can call me on if I cheat and the baked goods are not vegan, because I tend to get a little tell-tale allergy…if you follow me on instagram you've seen it...)

So, I eat healthy, try to always buy local and organic when I can, but there are times when you just want some chips and Gaby's guacamole, you know?

So on those days - how can I be sure that I'm not eating corn chips that are pumping me full of some kind of chemical that I would never dream of ingesting otherwise?

Even organic isn't enough of a label anymore because there are so many loopholes with the FDA that there are allowances for certain genetically modified foods to still be included.  Bah humbug to these GMOs!

Now, I don't care that some nobel laureate came up with dwarf wheat in the 60's, I know that he helped a lot of people, and made wheat able to grow in smaller spaces, I care that modern wheat gives people problems now.  (Have we noticed the uptick in need for gluten free foods?)

I also care that the corn I might want to eat (I love corn in the summer!) is genetically modified to have pesticides IN IT.

That's disgusting.

And these technologies are new, so when people tell us they're completely safe…?

As a member of a family that has had some cancer scares in the past, I'm very careful about what I put in my body, and I annoyingly read labels, but I would just like to have labels that spell it out, you know, in plain English.

I'd like a label that actually says something instead of 'all natural'.

And then I can make a choice.  If I choose to go with the unhealthy choice, I know what I'm doing, and if I choose to go with the healthy choice - I know that I'm actually getting what I think I'm getting.

Man, it must have been nice 50 years ago when food was actually food.

Call your congressman and happy weekend! Kristen

ps…for real - want to help Connecticut be the first state to pass a GMO labeling law?  You can!!

This is the info from the Connecticut Right to Know website:

Call Representative Sharkey today at 860-240-8500 or 1-800-842-1902.

Representative Brendan Sharkey, the Speaker of the House, is currently blocking HB 6519 from moving ahead in the legislative process and preventing you from knowing what is in your food.

Representative Sharkey is placing corporate interests above the rights of the people and is not even trying to hide it. In his responses to your e-mails, this is what he says:

“I’m adamantly opposed to CT being the only state to do so. We’re simply too small. To be the only state in the country that requires labeling will have huge, negative impacts on our economy and will perpetuate our image as being business-unfriendly.”

His statements are not founded in truth, GMO labeling will have absolutely no impact on our economy and he knows it.

If you want the right to know what is in your food call Speaker Sharkey today and tell him stop blocking HB 6519. 860-240-8577 or 1-800-842-1902.