There is a yoga class that I love to take. It's at 9:30 on Thursday mornings. (In Westport if you'd like to join me!) It's relaxing to start, kills me somewhere in the middle, reminds me that flexibility is fun, inspires me to try head stands, and then relaxes me again at the end.

I leave a bit of a sweaty mess, but feel amazingly clean, and really peaceful.

I want this peace for so many people. It's why I thought bringing yoga mats to the reservation would be a good idea. It's why I annoy Bryan to come to classes with me (I've succeeded exactly once.)

In these moments, right after leaving class, I find empathy for evangelists and fundamentalist Christians. I've met and dealt with a lot of born-again missionaries through the work that I love to do with Simply Smiles. We agree on certain things and disagree on most others.

But if what they feel about religion is as peaceful as I feel when leaving this yoga class, I can almost understand a bit better.

Replacing one hot topic with another...

I think that all world leaders need to get into yoga. And I think it will change the world. And maybe end a war or two, or all.

Peace and Just Be Nice!

(A pretty tree for you to peacefully daydream in...)