What's going on?

When I'm mad, sad, scared, excited, happy, you name it, when I am it, I usually write a song.  Even if the song is never played in public, I usually write a song.  It makes me feel better, gets things off of my chest, and sometimes evolves into something worth sharing! Though it doesn't happen often, I've been pretty cranky these last few weeks.  The end of 2012 was rough for a lot of people, and I guess I was no exception.  Now, I don't mean to whine, or beg for pity, I'm just telling you.  I've been cranky.

As a songwriter who writes and sings about hope, I'm often asked to sing at funerals.  It sounds weird, but it actually makes a lot of sense.  (After all, when do you need hope the most?)  So it was an honor to be asked to be a part of multiple services and remembrances that were held to pay tribute to the lives lost at Sandy Hook in December.  It took its toll on me a bit, but I was happy to lend any kind of comfort that I could through music, to families that needed it.

Of course, the last few weeks have been peppered with conversations about gun control, mental health issues, and school security, the debates have been ongoing, and will continue.  Sandy Hook, will forever conjure up certain images in all of our minds, and will always be cited as a reason for and against different things, but that's not my issue.

I take issue with the fact that gun sales of a particular military style weapon have gone through the roof.  People are spending thousands of dollars on a gun that freaks the crap out of me.

Whatever, spend your money on what you want, own what you want, I don't really have a problem with you.  I think it's a weird hobby, but you probably think I'm weird for opting out of hair-brushing.  (We can get into which hobbies have an overall negative effect later - pretty sure dreadlocks have never killed anyone...)

I'm mad, angry, disgusted, offended, the list continues, by the people who are making tons and tons of money off of a tragedy.  There's no denying it.  Because the Sandy Hook shooting happened, gun sales have gone up.  And because gun sales have gone up, owners and producers of guns have made more money.  When they file their taxes, they will file a larger income, and they will have a school shooting to thank.

The link is that direct.

I hope you're proud of yourselves.  I hope you sleep well at night.  Enjoy spending that money.

I'm also mad, angry, disgusted, offended with the NRA, the gun lobbyists, and the pro-gun organizations that are telling people that gun control means gun elimination.  People: THESE ARE BULLIES.  These are the kids that picked on the kid with glasses, or these might even be the kids that had the glasses and are now happy to have some power.  Either way - they've gone the way of the bully, and they don't deserve the power that they're allowed to wield over this country.

So I'm coming for you.  You bullies.  I have formed the 'Just Be Nice' political party.  But on days like today, I'm announcing the formation of my Folk Army.  And we're coming for you.  We're going to use words, and conversation, and debate, and intelligence, and thoughtfulness to show the world who and what you are.  So get ready.  I'm coming.