Fat Sick & Nearly Dead - whoa. (I know this is pretty random.)

Ok, so I know that from time to time I go on crazy kicks with what I eat, but this documentary, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead, CHANGED MY LIFE.  Seriously. After focusing on eating a mainly plant-based diet for the past three years (read: vegan, but I try not to ever be preachy…I can't stand that) I've never felt better.  But even with that - I love my junk food.  On top of that, healthy or junky, I eat a lot of snacks…all of the time.  Crackers & hummus, chips & salsa (or guacamole thanks to Gaby), popcorn, etc., basically - I eat all of the time.

Because of that - I go to bed often having just eaten a bunch of food, meaning, I go to bed with a stomach ache.

So, one evening with a few friends, we watched the documentary, 'Fat Sick & Nearly Dead', (it's on Netflix) and decided that we were all going to do a juice fast.

Why?  The reason that you do a fast is to give your digestive system a break and load your body up with nutrients.  (For some people who do a long-term fast they might do it for weight-loss or heath issues, but we just did it for a few days.)

I'm not going to lie…I missed food, but not for the same reasons that you'd think.

First of all, you're not hungry.  At least we weren't - you drink as much juice as you like, so if you're hungry, you just make more!

Second, the juice is delicious!  So you really don't feel deprived of yummy flavor.

Last, I've never felt more clear in my life.  You know how when you eat a huge meal and then end up in a food coma for a while?  That didn't happen!  I was able to focus, I felt light, I slept so well, and I didn't have one stomach ache the entire time!

With that, there were a few draw backs.

For one, I missed chewing.  It sounds strange, but I really did.

I also missed the social part of eating.  I love going out to lunches and dinners, and it's fun to make meals with the family at the end of the day.  For some reason, pushing veggies through a juicer isn't quite as fun.

And I felt like I had to brush my teeth more often.  I didn't like that at all.

Anyway, I'm not recommending a juice fast, but I do think that making your own juice is delicious and healthy!  So, you may want to try adding a glass of your own home-made juice to breakfast or lunch…it's seriously so good!

If you do want more info on the juice fasting idea, you can visit: fatsickandnearlydead.com. Happy juicing!