If you had pulled me aside 8 years ago when I met Bryan, and told me that I had just met the man I was going to marry, I would have called you crazy. Or maybe something else less PC. But anyway, I had no idea that when he and I met for the first time, it was going to be the first of many meetings. It always amazes me how our lives take different paths, crossing state lines and even country borders! Tonight is another one of those crazy nights - not as intense, as it didn't result in a marriage - but a story worth telling, anyway!

When I was at St. Olaf College, I went to go see a concert on campus. The girl's name was Tracy Howe. I found out she was coming and had been a touring musician for a few years, so I showed up (e-mailed her before the show first, of course) and asked her if I could speak with her after the show with a few questions on how to become a touring musician. She was really kind and patient in answering everything I asked, and she offered to stay in touch with me in case I had any other questions later on.

In the spring semester right before my graduation, I had a few more questions for Tracy, and not only did she reply with great answers, but she offered me an internship. She invited me out to Colorado to shadow her and her band through the summer - learning how to book shows, how to promote shows, how to divide time between songwriting and performing, etc. And of course, we all just had a lot of fun because we were musicians living in Boulder. Who wouldn't want to do that?

She and I have stayed in touch here and there, mostly through each other's mailing (go to for more info on her music) lists so we knew about each other's travels, marriages (now she's Tracy Wispelwey), and even dogs (she has two, and they are AWESOME, and well, you all know about Chip.)

A few years ago - I moved out to Connecticut, and a few years after that, Tracy and her husband, Seth moved out to Boston. So a few weeks ago, we started e-mailing about shows and different venues, and it turned out that tonight - I was playing at Bloc 11, just a few miles from her house! So I just got to spend some time catching up with an old friend, hearing about her new life (she's in the process of getting her masters at Harvard), and now I'm sitting on her couch! (Not the same one she had in Boulder.)

Crazy. Or something else less PC.

Back in '04!