Summer Tour 2010 - Day 31-33: Boyertown, WXLV, and HOME!

Hi there! I know I'm a little behind on posts from the last few days, but so much has happened! So here we go:

First of all, on Wednesday, I left Columbus, OH, and made the big drive to Boyertown, PA. I didn't realize that I had booked another long day for myself, so I was a little disappointed to be in the car all day, but I arrived in Boyertown at Frecon's Hard Bean, and was so pleased with what I found!

It's a great coffee shop (a local chain) that I had played at last year, in West Reading. This room had the same feel...nice big room, great sound, beautiful old hard wood floors. It was really nice. I shared the show with my friend Kris Kehr and we had a lot of fun! Attendance was a little low, which was too bad, but that's the only show on the tour that I can say that about - so not too shabby!

Here's the video from that night...

Later that night, I drove to my aunt and uncle's house so that I could squeeze in another visit with them. I spent most of the morning sleeping though (sorry guys!)...which I took as a sign that tour needed to wrap up.

Thursday, I drove to Schnecksville, PA (crazy name, right?) and sang on The Phil Stahl Show. It was a great experience! We talked and I played for an hour on the air. I know a lot of you tuned in live, but I'll get a copy and figure out how to post it somewhere so that you can listen to it for those of you who missed it. I don't think I said anything too embarrassing, but I'll have to give it a listen and then let you know...

Besides a great show on the air, I got to sing later on that evening at Magnolia's Vineyard in Orefield, PA (just up the road) and had a great time! It was yet another gem of a night, where I got to sing for a whole new group of people, sell CDs and hear some talented local musicians.

I left feeling SO encouraged.

This led to the twist in my tour. I tried to figure out how this was going to work out...I had found a couple of open mic nights in Princeton that I could play at on Friday night, but a perfect storm of things had occurred, so I was going to need to stay in a hotel (boo) or drive home in between shows. So I decided, I'd rather come back to Princeton in the fall when the city is full of students, and not push my luck on finding another gem of a night, since I'd already had so much good luck on this tour. I figured my good luck might run out at some point!

So on Thursday night, I braved the late night construction traffic, knowing that sleeping in my own bed would be worth it...and it was.

Yesterday I spent hanging out in my house with the fan pointed directly on my face (our air conditioning is broken) did a bunch of booking for the fall, did some grocery shopping and started unloading my car. Back to normal boring life, I guess.

But tonight, I'm off to NYC where I'll be playing at Googie's Lounge with my friend Brooke. I can't wait, and it's going to be a great way to end my tour!

Thanks in advance to all of you who made this tour so amazing for me. It keeps getting better each year!

Love, Kristen