Summer Tour 2010 Day 3 - Burton (Part 1)

As I've mentioned a time or two...I had a great night last night in Pittsburgh, and really enjoyed getting to know my new friends, the Thomas family. (Including their cute dog, Taffy.) Taffy Thomas...isn't she cute?

On the drive from Pennsylvania to Ohio, I ended up driving through an Amish community! Some of you may remember from years past, that I love the Amish. So you can imagine that I was pretty much freaking out as I was driving through.

Then I pulled into the town of Burton where I saw two vans full of Amish dudes...

Two vans full of Amish...feels like the start of a joke...

I parked, got settled, and met everyone at Coffee Corners (this places is great!) Then I went for a walk around the town. I saw where the first Burton telephone was posted.

Home of the first telephone!

Then I saw a honey bee tree...I didn't even know that existed! I didn't get too close though, I was a little scared.

The Honey Bee Tree!

Then I got to the log cabin where they sell maple syrup, candy, butter, etc. I got to sample a lot of stuff (the worker's name is Nina, she was very willing to share!) Here's the outside...

The log cabin.

What a great day! And I'm just going to start unloading stuff for tonight's show, which is going to be another good one. I can feel it! I'll post some more videos soon!