On the road again...

It’s so good to be back on the road! Pulling onto the PA turnpike yesterday with a full tank of gas and my guitar on the back seat…seriously, the song almost writes itself. I meant to post something last night, but I ended up hanging out with my friend Joy for a while, and her very kind roommate (thanks girls, for letting me crash at your house!) and we had a lot of fun talking about music, songwriting, recording, etc. It was great to reconnect and talk shop. As a matter of fact, Joy, Heather and I all have new recording projects in the works, so it’s a very exciting time!

I apologize for the lack of photos, but I forgot my camera cord (shocker, since I’m usually sooo organized) and Joy took some video from last night, so I’ll post it a little later once I have it!

Forgetting things like my camera, and face cream (at least I remembered my toothbrush) just reminds me that there are always pros and cons to everything, so touring during the winter is no exception.

A few cons for this trip… 1. It’s cold, and I hate the cold. 2. It’s snowing, which makes me have to stop to give my eyes a break. 3. There are too many tolls and they are annoying. 4. It’s difficult to eat healthy on the road. In this rest stop I’m looking around at a Starbucks, Hershey’s Ice Cream Shop, Burger King, Famiglia Pizzeria, and Popeye’s Chicken & Biscuits. What’s a girl to do? The first group traveling down to Mexico with Simply Smiles is next week, and we spend the last day on the beach! Am I ready for swimsuit season to begin?? And can someone please tell Burger King that a handful of iceburg lettuce and a few sad shriveled tomatoes…well, it does not a salad make, my friends.

On the other hand…this trip rules, and I’ll tell you why (ps…this is why I will always keep traveling and touring!!) 1. I get to see friends and family that I usually only speak to via e-mail. 2. I get to play in great listening rooms, to a fantastic audience like at Club Café last night! 3. It’s snowing and looks really beautiful as I’m driving, plus less people are out on the road today, so I am cruising. (Don’t worry, I’m not reckless or anything.) 4. It’s cold, so I get to wear nice cozy sweaters. 5. There are too many tolls, so I finally got an EZ Pass and tolls have become EZ! 6. It’s difficult to eat healthy, so to compliment my lonely salad, I ordered some BK french fries and THEY ARE DELICIOUS. Bikini, be damned. 7. This little tour gets me so excited and motivated for what’s to come.

To let you in on my future plans - I am working on a new recording project, which will be called “Singing for Hope,” my Singing for Hope Concert Series has already raised more than $3,000, and my tour this summer is going to be bigger than ever! I’m coming as far as Colorado, so I’ll see you soon! I’ll have a list of dates and cities in the next few weeks, so stay tuned.

Certainly you’ll agree that the pros definitely outweigh the cons!! I’d be crazy if I didn’t think so. Love you all, and see you soon!

ps...here was one extra thought I had...