Embrace the wobble

I love yoga so much.

I really got into yoga about a year or two ago, and I’m so happy to have it as a part of my life. 

Being a little crunched for time the last few months between awesome tour & travel, Chip’s health, getting started on my newest studio project, and buying a new car, I missed out on yoga for a while.

I brought yoga with me on a lot of the trips - most notably, while I was in Nicaragua, and I even took a class with my mom when I was out in Wisconsin, but I hadn’t been to my class for a while.

And I LOVE my class with my teacher. It’s this communal experience where everyone is super focused (or else you fall down) and super sweaty (did I mention, it’s hot yoga?), so nobody’s judging anybody.

The reason I love this challenging class is because it’s so hot, so hard, and so great, that I can literally think of nothing else.

I have to focus.

I have to be in the moment.

Being present and being in the moment, is a life skill that I’m working on. (I’ve learned a bit about it from Chip, but still have some room for improvement.)

So today - I set my alarm, made it to my class, sweat it out, and had a great time…being.

During one of the balance poses, my/our teacher (I shouldn’t be selfish), Caroline, said to us…

“Embrace the wobble.”

I giggled, because I love it.

Embrace the wobble.

It’s even fun to say! (Try it - it might give you a laugh…)

She told us not to give ourselves a hard time, or be disappointed when we’re trying to balance and find ourselves a little wobbly. Instead, focus on the fact that the wobble is your body’s effort to recenter.

I don’t need to spell out the metaphor for you on this one - but think about how great it would be to embrace the wobble.

Embrace the wobble.

Instead of getting frustrated when I don’t practice enough, when I don’t sing enough, when I don’t have enough shows, when I feel like my songs aren’t good enough - my new plan is to embrace the wobble. 

My new plan is to take all of these thoughts as lessons instead of failures, and allow them to help me recenter. 





Embrace the wobble.



Have a beautiful, wobbly day,